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A theme-driven survival adventure with the soul of a eurogame.

What is it about?

It’s the dawn of the 15th century. Conquistadors have set their sights on a paradisiacal archipelago, known today as the Canary Islands.

Each player must lead an aboriginal tribe in a world ruled by gods and shaped by natural disasters.

During 3 eras, natives will settle, evolve technologies and battle invaders. But the all-powerful gods demand offerings... If the natives are unable to provide them, they will unleash their rage.

Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters will reshape the land, merging or rupturing islands, or even making them disappear completely. This ever-changing scenario will produce a unique and challenging experience each time around.




Please the gods

Dare to survive

Solo, Cooperative and Competitive modes!
Infinite combinations of set-ups, missions, objectives and catastrophes
Learning campaign, for less experienced players
• The setting is not just a background, it inspires and merges with the mechanics of the game
• Amazing art by Inkgolem
• Three difficulty levels
• Two raging gods

• Unique setting in the aboriginal Canary Islands
New mechanics which transform the board, compelling players to adapt their strategy between eras
• Totally immersive experience for a Euro, with the intensity level of a crawler
Eco-friendly ethos, integral to survival, prompting eurogamers to play against their nature. Taking too much from the land will trigger the fury of the gods

Fear the Gods

They Will Unleash Chaos


God of the land

Eraorahan, Abora, Althos or Achamán are some other names by which the supreme God is known.

Acoran controls the volcanoes, and is furious when we waste resources or offend him. His wrath will unleash earthly catastrophes that will take the form of earthquakes, or the beasts known as Tibicenas, or Guayota, the demon that lives in the volcano.


Goddess of the seas

Adored by the Bimbache women, her name means "Smoky Glow", and she forms with Acorán the divine couple.

Moneiba controls the tsunamis, and her anger increases when we don't take care of our tribe. Her wrath will unleash sea catastrophes, like tropical storms or kidnapping pirates who will take your natives to be sold in far away lands.

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