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The Canary Islands are synonymous with paradise. Clear skies and endless beaches. Dormant volcanoes and mysterious forests. But they were once home to the Imazighen, people who came from North Africa and lived there for more than a millennium until the end of their civilization.

Take control of your tribe and develop it. Share knowledge and resources with others, and prepare to survive the disasters sent by your gods: Acoran and Moneiba can be compassionate when pleased, but terrifying if they don't receive their offerings, which will be increasingly exquisite and may culminate in human sacrifices. If they do not get what they ask for, their anger will take the form of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, or earthquakes, and will be so devastating that it could destroy you.

But you can count on Tibiabin and Tamonante, two powerful seers who will predict the future by reading the smoke from their bonfires. Through their prophecies, you can prepare yourselves to overcome the disasters, or at least escape to a safe place.

The final test will be to survive the invasion of the conquistadores, who are looking for one last port before their long journey to the West. First isolated ships of explorers will arrive, but later entire fleets of rough, hungry, and armed men will fight to control the islands.

Will you help the Imazighen survive? Or is this the end of their story, the twilight of paradise?



Please the gods

Dare to survive

Tindaya is a survival game that will transport you to the mythical world of the Canary Islands at the end of the 15th century. The natives, with their gods and legends, are heading towards their collapse.

Throughout three eras, you will be able to develop your tribe, learn new crafts, discover new technologies, build settlements, and explore new territories.

♦ Let your imagination fly with this unique setting for a eurogame.

♦ Enjoy a new experience each time: The configuration of the board, the different events, missions, objectives, and game variants will make each game unique.

♦ Be surprised by innovative mechanics that will make the board evolve: Volcanoes and tsunamis will join islands, divide them, or make them disappear, dragging your natives to the depths of the ocean.

♦ Different game modes will adapt to any group: Play Solo mode, collaborate with other tribes in Cooperative mode or choose the Competitive mode where only after surviving the game, a single player will be declared the winner. The Traitor variant allows you to surrender to the conquistadores and fight against your friends if you are one of those groups that enjoy a good stab in the back.

Adjust the difficulty level. If you don't have experience in complex games, get started with our 3 game mini-campaign, where you will learn how to play gradually.

♦ Take from the sea and the land only what it's needed. Wasting will anger the gods and you will be punished. It is not about competing for the highest pile of resources, but rather living together sustainably.

In Tindaya, threats will constantly take you to the limit. You will be immersed in an unknown world where surviving is the adventure. Do you dare to face the challenge of Tindaya?

Fear the Gods

They Will Unleash Chaos


God of the land

Eraorahan, Abora, Althos or Achamán are some other names by which the supreme God is known.

Acoran controls the volcanoes, and is furious when we waste resources or offend him. His wrath will unleash earthly catastrophes that will take the form of earthquakes, or the beasts known as Tibicenas, or Guayota, the demon that lives in the volcano.


Goddess of the seas

Adored by the Bimbache women, her name means "Smoky Glow", and she forms with Acorán the divine couple.

Moneiba controls the tsunamis, and her anger increases when we don't take care of our tribe. Her wrath will unleash sea catastrophes, like tropical storms or kidnapping pirates who will take your natives to be sold in far away lands.

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