About Us

Lovers of cards and coloured dice. Of meeples and  miniatures. Fans of cardboard, plastic and wood. To all players:

Who are We?

Red Mojo was born in 2018 to produce incredible and entertaining games. Our catalogue will be formed both by Spanish games and international adaptations, translated and adapted to our language and culture. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in publishing. All of us share the same obsession: Our passion for board games.

Is there room for another publisher?

As long as there are board game designers eager to express themselves and new creative ideas to be explored, we think so.
Only a few years ago, the number of board games available in Spanish was very limited. With hardly any specialized store, only a handful of titles could be found on every department store.
In little over a decade, while we have been testing, getting to know and valuing this world, demand has grown exponentially. And with it so has the amount of publishers, and the degree of specialization and diversity. The number of gamers has multiplied, and nowadays there are few places left without a board game club, with logos full of dices, runes, swords and goblins.

What are we here for?

Our mission is to listen to creators with big ideas, to to accompany them on the journey, To help them shape their creations, to illustrate and produce them, and to sell them with a clear international vocation.
Of all the proposals we receive, we will focus on those that provide
different experiences, innovative mechanics and surprising designs, which make each play immersive and unique. We want our games to endure in time, to cause an impact.
Stay tuned: over the next few months we will keep you up-to-date with each step we take, and soon you will see our catalogue coming to life!

Join us on this adventure.