About Us

Lovers of cards and colored dice. Freaks of meeples and miniatures.

Fans of cardboard, plastic or wood. To all players out there:

Red Mojo Has Landed!

Red Mojo was born in 2018 with the aim to produce incredible games.

Our catalogue will include original games as well as Spanish editions of international titles, adapted to our culture. The professionals in our multidisciplinary team boast ample experience in publishing, but most importantly, they share a passion for board games.


Is There Room For Another Publisher?

As long as there are board game designers eager to express themselves and new creative ideas to be explored, we think so.
Only a few years ago, the catalogue of games in Spanish was very poor. With hardly any specialized stores, the same few titles filled the shelves of every big department store.
Through our own journey into the world of gaming, we have witnessed demand skyrocketing in little over a decade. And with it, so have specialization, publisher houses and diversity of titles. Today, board game buffs expand everywhere, and there are few corners left without a gaming club, its logos filled with dice, runes, swords and goblins.


What Are We Here For?

Our mission is to seek and listen to creators with big ideas, and to accompany them on their journey, helping them shape, visualize, manufacture, and market their creations, all with a clearly international vocation

Among all the proposals received, we will focus on those that provide different experiences, innovative mechanics and refreshing designs. We want each play to be immersive and unique, and our titles to have a lasting power.
Stay tuned: over the next few months we will keep you posted with each new step, and soon you will witness our catalogue coming to life!

Follow us on this adventure.